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Give us your laundry--You keep your time and money!

Simplify your life!   Laundry can be dropped off and picked up at our mobile laundry center stationed at convenient locations throughout the city on a set schedule. Many of these are major employers.  After cleaning and processing, the clean laundry is available at the same location 3-4 days later.

  • Save Time! Eliminate extra trips to the laundry or dry cleaners.  In many cases, we are where you have to be anyhow, so bring the laundry with you.
  • Save Money!  Save on  low rates and save on reduced automobile travel
  • Save Energy!  We can process your order with you never leaving your car.  Save that energy for what is really important to you (and we'll bet it isn't laundry)!
  • Save the Country!  Less trips, less fuel, less drilling, less land dedicated to growing bio-fuels.  So when you think about it, you are performing a patriotic service.